*26 Gauge Artistic Wire (see dropdown for color choices)

Twenty plus Standard Colors and a variety of rich metallic and soft matte finishes over a copper wire base. Choose colors that complement one another to achieve warm, colorful designs. Non-tarnish brass resembles gold & will retain its finish and shine due to Artistic Wires proprietary non-tarnish coating. Tinned Copper and Bare Copper do not have a tarnish-resistant coating so they will patina, or naturally oxidize and darken, with time to provide a vintage look. Stainless Steel is not copper. Choose Grey if looking for stainless steel color in a copper wire. Colors are acid-free & vary per dye lot. Comes in Silver Plated colors that offer striking beauty & shine. These wires are made by first plating the copper wire with a precision layer of pure silver followed by a carefully applied unique enamel color & non tarnish coating on top of the silver plating. The silver plating beneath the color adds an incredible high-shine & brilliance to the wire.  26 Gauge Wire - 30 foot roll .    1/4lb spools are approx 105 yards).

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