North American Shoppers! FLAT RATE Ship Charge of ONLY $9.99 orders over $75! (CAD- Pre tax).

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  • Do you Ship Globally? Yes we do!   Our ship method is the Postal Service


  • How are your prices listed?  Our Brick and Mortar store is located in Ontario, Canada therefore final transactions will be done in Canadian Dollars.  You can switch between US and Canadian option on the webstore to shop- however the final transaction will be done in Canadian Dollars which will be the currency reflected to you on our bill.  (If you are outside Canada the conversion will be done automatically in your currency.  Your personal statement (Pay Pal or your credit card) will reflect the exchange rate into your home currency).
  • What are the fullfillment and ship times?   Our goal is to have your orders filled and on their way to you within 5 business days.  (faster if we can!).  Ship times vary depending on where you are located.  We do run into restocks and that will delay an order as we wait for our product to arrive.  We will advise you for direction when there is a longer wait

Within Ontario:  Expect approx 2-10 business days depending on location.   

Within Canada:  Expect up to 10-12  bus days depending on your location.  We do ship ExpressPost with Tracking within Canada at an additional fee when needed.

Within the US:  Expect approx 10-12 bus days

Outside the US:  Contact us and we can discuss as these ship times do vary.


  • What are you ship charges? 
  • Within Canada:  Under $100 ($12.99).  Over $100 (FREE!).  *Excluding Yukon, Nunavit.  (Ship Charges will be displayed at checkout for your order to Yukon or Nunavit).
  • United States:  Under $100 ($13.99).  Over $100 ($11.99).  
  • Global (ie outside the US and Canada);  See your individual shipping rates at checkout. 

*These ship charges are in Canadian Dollars.  Do verify your exchange rate (Our American customers LOVE shopping with us as the exchange rate certainly benfits you positively!).