Children Drop Ins

Drop In Beading!
Whe the Party Room is not in use... Please do drop in to make use of our Beads to make a fun project!
 Full use of the beads we have on our 16 foot bead wall & Party Trays!
Stretchy: $7.99
Wrap Around:  $7.99
Nylon Base with Lobster Closure: $10.99
Tiara:  $15.99
Earrings:  (2 pair) for $9.99

Book Mark: $7.99

Yes, we do have "adult" beads for moms and older kids too!  Pricing is double for the use of semi-precious stones (our adult bead trays)
Please do call in advance to ensure that the Drop in is running!  (ie the room is not booked).