North American Shoppers! FLAT RATE Ship Charge of ONLY $9.99 orders over $75! (CAD- Pre tax).

OH Mhai!!!!

North American Customers... FREE SHIPPING over $150 CAD!

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The store is open and filled with product!

We hope you have been navigating through the pandemic and staying well.

A reminder the store is physically open (albeit on shorter hours than our pre-pandemic times).  It has been a confusing time with the store having to be closed and opening.... and closing... and opening....    We appreciate folks who have reached out to ensure we are in fact physically open....   we certainly are and its been wonderful to see once again our customers in store!  

Hours are:  Mon-Thurs (Noon to 5pm), Friday (Noon to 6pm), Sat (11am to 5pm), Sunday Closed.

Please use the hand sanitizer found at the front door.  Masks are required.  All shopping baskets are cleaned between uses.   

The store is FILLED with fabulous items. Lots of new beauties and of course the old must haves! 

We are fortunate that our space is such a large one....  physical distancing is quite manageable in store!

Thank you for coming back in, for navigating the (again) new normal (while helping us be a part of the solution by masking and hand sanitizing), and supporting the small business's all around who have been so negatively impacted by the pandemic and subsequent closures.   

*Classes and Get Togethers are still on hold until further notice.  Hopefully soon we can once again enjoy time together in the classroom space.



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